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Although many Heads are working in old school buildings, it’s unlikely that the walls will actually cave in on you! However, sometimes it can feel like they will or are doing. Here’s how the 'WHERE'S YOUR HEAD AT?' support programme can help, if and when you feel like that:



I am delighted to be working with the fabulous Mr Graham Willett, on 'WHERE'S YOUR HEAD AT?' - a project that is close to our hearts. 'WHERE'S YOUR HEAD AT?' is designed to support and improve the overall wellbeing and happiness of school leaders. Heads can contact us themselves, or it might be that your Chair of Governors points you in our direction. 


If you’d like to know a bit more about us, just click on Where's Your Head At Sarah? and Where's Your Head At Graham?


Being a Head Teacher can, and should be, one of the best jobs in the world. It can also be a lonely, highly pressured, stressful job, as Heads:

  • Set the mood, culture and ethos of the school through their values, beliefs and behaviours

  • Prop up others in the school community, in both good and difficult times

  • Provide a buffer between their team and external influences

  • Are ultimately responsible, and accountable, for all aspects of school life - including many which they are not necessarily an expert in

We have all heard the safety information, before take-off on a plane: 'Put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others.' But how often, as a Head Teacher, do you prioritise your own mental health and wellbeing, workload and happiness?  When do you take time to reflect, to think about the issues that are keeping you awake at night and address them?


Support will always be flexible and bespoke, but might include:

  • An initial visit to your setting, so that you can help us gain a better understanding of your leadership role, things that are going well and any challenges that you face

  • Regular catch ups. These could be planned or slightly more ad-hoc, which means that you’ve always got someone you can talk to and run ideas past

  • Questions, which provide empathetic challenge, so that you become more solution focussed, are able to think differently and more creatively and, ultimately, solve your problems

  • Some mulling and, hopefully, several light bulb moments, which will help you to move forward, put things into perspective and sleep better at night!

  • A plan of action, reviewed regularly, which means you'll feel happier and in more control of your wellbeing



My email address is the longest ever: and my phone number is 07887 798441.

Graham's email address is: or you can ring him on 07803 160517.

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